Evolution of the Apple iPhone

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Published: 29th October 2012
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When the first iPhone came out everyone were on the edge of their seats with excitement as no one had never seen anything like this, the iPhone when it first came out everyone wanted it, there was marketing geniuses at work with all the advertisements all around the world showing this mobile phone. Since that day the mobile phone market has changed extensively and with each iPhone there has been something huge to come with whether it is 3G compatibility, retina display or a talking assistant. This article will describe how the iPhone has evolved since its creation.

The iPhone has not only evolved to enhance the product but it has also evolved the entire mobile phone industry where numerous manufacturers want to be the next company to put that rubber stamp on the industry. Many have tried and many have failed to try and dislodge the iPhone as the must have mobile phone, the reason why iPhone always stays on top is mostly due to it always finds something new to add on to the next model.

When the first iPhone was announced it was one of the leading phones to have a touch screen, at that time consumers were only just getting to grips with touch screen phones so for the iPhone to come out with a fantastic use of touch screen technology it became the must have for tech enthusiasts. Whilst this phone only had GPRS and EDGE connectivity that all changed when the next iPhone came along.
The big announcement for the iPhone 3G is that it was the original phone which had 3G connectivity when at this time was a huge deal as then as the 3G network was still young and the iPhone was one of the first smartphones which was compatible with this phone, the 3G also offered the App Store for the first time where applications could be purchased and downloaded onto the phone where this became one of the leading features on this phone.

The successor to the 3G was the 3GS which added a lot more functionality to the 3G where it started to look for quality in the display, and when the 3GS came out people were not disappointed with fantastic quality in the display where they were treated to 163 pixels per inch. The iPhone 3GS was a huge milestone in the beginning of smartphones as this was the benchmark phone at the time and it was hard for other competitors to even compete against it.

Whilst making the screen display brilliant on the iPhone 3GS it got even more impressive with the iPhone 4 with its Retina HD display where even on the screen looked incredibly clear. The hardware also became twice as fast as previous models where you it took at most a few seconds to do the most strenuous task. The iPhone 4 became a fantastic phone for Apple and this kept them on top of the mobile phone market.

When the iPhone 4S was released it had all the important parts of the iPhone 4 but with an extra guest. Siri was introduced to the people as one of the finest voice assistants to come onto a Smartphone and It didnít disappoint the market as this personal assistant was one of the charms to make the 4S one of the fastest selling mobile phones of all time.

Now the iPhone 5 has come out, Apple are still pushing new technologies and with rumours that this iPhone 5 could one day become a virtual wallet, that the future really does look bright for Apple and I donít think that they have even finished evolving yet. Remember, iPhone 5 accessories push the innovation even further, and expand phones in ways never thought possible.

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